About Me

I am a writer living in Toronto, ON; my areas of focus include (INTERSECTIONAL) feminism, mental health, race, pop culture, geopolitics and how all these play out in interpersonal relationships. I do make the odd mistake when exploring these topics and am happy to be called out. I’m also really weird, so sometimes I prefer to write about things like Easter candy and cats.

I’m originally from balmy Edmonton, Alberta, and yes I’ve been to the big mall. Since moving to Toronto I’ve graduated with training in Media Communications (which has complimented my degree in Spanish Language and Literature – WOOP) and done a whole bunch of writing, editorial direction, and thought leadership activities at a Canadian FI.

Heroes include Prince, Cat Marnell, Bea Arthur, Rihanna, Captain Benjamin Sisko of the space station Deep Space Nine, George Michael (why was he never knighted OH YEAH because the LAPD entrapped him in a public toilet), Rhoda Morgenstern (sorry, Valerie Harper), and Roxane Gay.